Natural, Grain-free Raw Dog Food

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At Darwin’s, our mission is to help dog owners provide healthier, longer lives for their pets. We’re committed to providing a convenient and affordable way to feed your dogs healthy, raw, grain-free meals.

Top quality raw ingredients:
Only fresh, human-quality meats and vegetables. No grains or additives. Minimal processing makes our foods as nutritious as possible.
Great value and much fresher:
We make the food ourselves – you save money buying at wholesale prices. Plus your dog’s food is the freshest available, just a few weeks from the farm.
Complete, balanced nutrition:
Veterinarian-developed and lab-tested to meet and exceed AAFCO guidelines.
Convenient automatic delivery:
Delivered right to your home on a schedule tailored to your needs.
No obligation.

The Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Your Dog

A nutritious, well-balanced raw and grain-free diet is perhaps the most important factor in your dog’s overall health and longevity. Why feed your dog processed “nuggets” when your pet really needs real, fresh food?

Most dogs do not get all the nutrients they need from today’s heavily-processed commercial pet foods – even the premium brands compromise nutrition for convenience and long term storage. In addition to better nutrition, fresh food is safer than processed food and runs less risk of contamination.

With proper nutrition from Darwin’s raw food diet for dogs, you can help your dog:

• Slow down, and even reverse, the effects of arthritis
• Clear up skin problems
• Sport a better coat and fresher breath
• Live longer!


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